Friday, April 23, 2010

I need some serious help..this is not a joke!

I've known that over the past year, I have gained some weight and my body has decided to change itself. I know that I am still petite, but somewhere over the last year I have developed hips and an ass. I no longer have that boyish figure, which is great...I always wanted to have some curves and now that I've turned 35 , I'm getting them!

The dilemma here is that I literally need a whole new wardrobe. For the last year, I have had trouble getting into my pants, so I've bought a couple pairs thinking that once I got back to the gym full-time, they would fit again. Not so! This past week I cleaned out my closet and tried on every single pair of pants and shorts I had. Except for sweatpants and sweatshorts, not one article of clothing would pull up past my thighs...I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! All my clothes are now in a pile on my floor waiting for me to get rid of them. I have literally nothing left in my closet.

My other dilemma...I HATE SHOPPING!...yes, you heard me right. I don't know anything about fashion..I grew up on the farm (sorry, mom!) I don't know what is in style, I don't know what my style is, I don't know what color looks good on me, I don't know which clothes are appropriate for my get the picture.

What I need is a personal shopper..I need someone to take me to the right stores, sit me down, throw clothes at me and tell me what to buy. I don't want to have to make any decisions. Do you LOVE to shop or know someone who does 'cause I would LOVE to have you be my personal shopper!


Saucy said...

I AM IN. I will be your Stacy London. We are doing this. Just tell me when and we will set it up. You up for some blog fodder???

Anonymous said...

You and me have always been totally opposite in this area, well the area of body type that is. I also hate shopping, but mostly because I have never been able to fit into anything at a normal store.

I'm glad you finally got the womenly shape you've been after, childbirth changes your body that way.

I never buy a whole new wardrobe because for me I know it never lasts long and my weight changes, again! I have learned it is better to spend money on a few good quality pieces as opposed to Walmart fall apart clothes. I've also learned that buying a few pieces that can mix and match takes the wardrobe further. I used to buy shirts and sweaters, but now I buy things that can we worn alone or layered. So I have 2 collared shirts that can be worn alone or with a cardigan or vest over top and they can all mix and match in color, plus I have a scarf and some added jewellery that change the look enough that I can change it up that way too, add a few other pieces and that became my wardrobe for this winter.

As for color, pay attention to what brings out your face when you wear it. I know my face lights up when I wear brighter colors, red, black, bright purple or blue.... neutrals don't do much for me.

I've also found a bra that makes a huge difference, for me the huge boobed wonder, it makes the difference between frumpy and shapely.

Good luck with your shopping adventure. I think a personal shopper sounds like a blast! Don't be pressured to buy things that are uncomfortable or are a pain to clean - I find they don't get much wear.

Love ya' Laura

jkddz said...

i want to tag along =) I may not have the money to spend.... but I need some dress pants for work.... ones that fit my thighs and bum, but are not miles wide in the waist!

Karen of the KAGS said...

I'd like to tag along too - I could be the entertainment - but with all you super petite ladies along side me I'd feel even more gargantuan than I do on a normal day :-(

oliver rain said...

My goodness. It's like you wrote a blog post right out of my head. I just a hideous shopping experience this weekend. Nothing fit, nothing appeals to me. Have fun with personal shopper Saucy. She's got great style!

Anonymous said...

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Natasha said...

You should check out that show "What not to Wear" I learn so much about style from that show, and it's a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

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