Thursday, January 3, 2008

More XMAS photos

These are Blake and Avery's favorite gifts this year. Avery got her new skates from Grandma Phyllis and she couldn't wait to put them on. She also got an adorable black skating dress which I have yet to dress her up in. We took Avery out on her skates on Christmas day. She couldn't stand up but I pushed her around for awhile. I want to take her to an indoor rink to see what she can do as I'd like to get her in the Can-skate program this spring. The mini-market is what the kids got from Santa. Blake especially likes it as he is so into imaginary play. Before this gift we spent many hours playing store and library and pretending to buy things with imaginary money. Now we spend many hours playing store and library, BUT we get to really scan the items out with the barcodes and scanner that came with the cash register. We also don't have to set up blocks to be our pretend store front. Blake's in Heaven!

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