Tuesday, January 15, 2008

one of those "should've days"

This is how my day should have gone:

Blake stays at school for lunch, so that once I'm done at the gym I could go and get my groceries at a nice leisurely pace with Avery and not have to rush home to get him at noon. Then I should have had lunch with Avery, taken her to her ear appoint. and then get back in plenty of time for her to have a nap before we picked Blake up at school. We should have then baked muffins in the afternoon, played and then had a nice supper together. Played some more, put the kids to bed and I'd have the rest of the evening piddling about.

Instead this is how my day went:

Told Blake that I'd pick him up for lunch, thus knew that I wouldn't have enough time to get groceries after the gym. That's okay, I decided that I could go and get groceries after school with both of them. Since Dale wasn't home for supper, it wouldn't matter what time we ate. Well, first I had to drag Avery out in this weather to get him from school, then I had to drag her out again to take him back. We then headed to her ear appoint. which should have only been a few minutes, but we didn't get out of there until 2PM. The doctor informed us after that he was sorry, we never should have had to wait since we were there for the study. Now it was too late to put Avery down for a nap before school was over, so at least she laid down and watched TV for a 1/2 hour of quiet time. I then dragged her back to the school to get Blake and headed to get groceries. My plan was also to go to the DAWG store and get them shoes as they're on BOGO right now and also to get Dale's skates sharpened at Sport Chek. Well I had just finished going through produce which was an 1/8 of my groceries when the power went out and we had to leave the store. I couldn't go do my other things in the mall as all the lights were out all over so I purchased what I had and dragged the kids back home to have supper. After supper I decided to try and put Avery in panties. Again something I should have reconsidered given the day I was having! She actually did quite well until I told her it was bathtime. She freaked out (not unusual as she's been miserable most of the day) and stayed upstairs crying her eyes out. When I went to get her, sure enough she had peed her pants which was making her even more upset. I finally got her to bed and Dale got home shortly after 8PM I headed back out to get the rest of my groceries as I needed them for tomorrow. I didn't get home until 10PM(luck would have it that I ended up getting a new cashier!) and cut up and marinated my chicken for tomorrow. I have just enough time to post this and then I'm going to bed with hopes that tomorrow is a better day.

Oh I did have to reward myself for having such a stressful day. There's nothing like a dose of this:

to cure a dose of this:


Aspergertopia said...

Have a good sleep! Tomorrow will be a better day.

I bet Avery was impressed with you taking pictures of her crying. I bet you were smiling. I love doing that, I just can't help but laugh.

By the way, any word on Avery's party?

Kr8inKaren said...

Tammi you crack me up! I totally love that you took pictures of Avery - save those for her 18th birthday!!!
I hope you have a better day tomorrow!