Monday, October 20, 2008

birthday girl

Last Saturday was my birthday. For those of you who forgot--feel guilty!! (ha-ha).
The morning started with both kids wishing me a happy birthday with hugs and kisses as soon as I got out of bed. At breakfast time, Blake proceeded to give me a piece of a plastic cake topped with a plastic soda pop bottle for a candle. He then pretended to light the 'candle', sing me Happy Birthday and had me blow out the candle (I didn't have my camera near by!)

Dale had to work the morning, so after Blake's hockey practice we went to The Station Place for supper. We were very impressed with the kids-they sat better than they ever have at a fancy restaurant before and except for the few sighs of "when's our food coming-we're hungry", they were amazingly patient and quiet. After, Dale took a photo of the 3 of us.

Blake then had to have his turn at taking a picture...

and then Avery had to have her turn as well. They had absolutely no help..and if you compare the pics, you'll notice that Dale's is the blurriest--go figure!

After that we were back home to have some cake and open my presents (spa gift card and a bathing suit cover-up for our trip in January). After that it was "bye-bye" kids and "hello" casino. We didn't win big but we spent almost 5 hours there and were only down by $60. Of course that doesn't happen everytime, but it's sure alot of fun when it does.

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