Sunday, October 12, 2008

Michaels had a great craft event on yesterday. For $7.00, you got to stay and decorate a plastic pumpkin-all supplies included. The kids (and Dale) had a blast. Dale helped Avery with her pumpkin and I must say I didn't know Dale could be so crafty. He designed the lips and the tiara (he was originally going to put a top hat on, but Kari gave him the idea of a crown--however, he'll be the first to point out that even though it was Kari's idea, he did come up with the design!).
Blake pretty much did his on his own. I helped him make the hat and use the glue gun, but he decided where everything was going to go. He especially loved putting the stickers on the hat--I don't think there was a spot on the hat left.

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