Saturday, January 24, 2009

Checking in

Here I am sitting in the Orlando Holiday Inns hotel checking on our flight status for our trip home tomorrow. Yup--2 weeks is up. It's been a blast and I can honestly say that it has not flown by. Usually it seems like a vacation just flies by, but this time I actually feel like we've been away for 2 weeks...but this is a good thing. We fully enjoyed every minute and I am not looking forward to going back to the weather back home. I checked and it said it was -45 degrees! Well, I will post some pics when I get back but for now I have one word for you...


Yes, I won the bingo jackpot on the cruise line. It was the second last night and the money hadn't been won yet. There was probably around 500 people playing and it was the last blackout bingo game. The jackpot needed to be won and I WON IT. I can't believe it!! It was no small change either--let's just say that I'd be able to send the four of us on another vacation next year--I'll tell you how much when I get home.

For now-I'm going to enjoy the sunshine a little longer at the pool.


jkddz said...

you guys have all the luck!!!

see you when you get home!! yes it is minus 48 with windchill today..=) Welcome back to Saskatchewan =D

Aspergertopia said...

Only you! That's all I have to say.

Congrats and I'm glad you guys had a fantastic time!

Welcome home :)

KAGS Herself said...

The Tamminator strikes could ONLY happen to you - but I'm so glad that the win is big enought for you to take the four of us
(you, me, Jenn & Kari) on holdiay next year!
I can't wait.