Monday, March 2, 2009

Goalie Time

Blake finally expressed his desire to try and be goalie during one of their hockey practices. Every kid gets a turn, but Blake has always said he's never wanted to do it. Well, apparently he changed his mind so we got him all geared up. I honestly thought there was no way he'd fit into the equipment, but Dale practiced getting it on with him at home first and I was surprised that it didn't look bigger on him than it did.

He had a hard time skating in it (especially trying to get back up on his feet when he'd fall), but again I was surprised at how fast he could actually go carrying all that extra weight. He tried really hard and actually stayed out there for the entire hour (Dale and I thought he'd want to get out of all that equipment after awhile). He had fun and certainly proved all our thoughts wrong!!


KAGS Herself said...

What's that McDonalds commercial about the little guy (I'm guessing he's a really famous hockey player) he's hands are small but his heart was strong? Maybe, you've just found the place where Blake is happy on the ice!

jkddz said...

maybe that is where he wants to be--in goal-- damon tried too and he liked it when he was younger--he was lazy and the less skating the better =) maybe next time blake has the equipment at home call over Damon and he can help blake practice---no worries Damon's shot is not hard! and i think they would be giggling and having a great time!