Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fathers Day weekend

We decided to take a last minute fishing trip for Fathers Day. We didn't want to go to any crowded popular resorts so we decided to rent a cabin at Eagle Bay Resort at East Trout Lake. This is the same place where Dale caught his first fish when he was 6 years old--a 21 pound 4 ounce jackfish. His dad even made him reel it in all by himself! It's on our wall if you don't believe me! Anyway there was one cabin left--Cabin one--the first one built--all the others are much newer, but I loved this one--it had such a rustic charm!

We started our first night cooking hot dogs over the fire.

The next morning we got up at 6:30AM to get an early start at fishing. We had to figure out the spots on the lake so we didn't actually start fishing until after 9. Then of course, it started to rain--but we fished right through it (nice to have the canopy on the boat!) Stopped for a couple of hours for lunch and went back out for another 5 1/2 hours--all in total we must have fished for about 9 hours that day. Well, Dale and I did---the kids don't have a whole lot of patience to sit there and wait for the fish to bite--so a portable DVD player and their Nintendo DS's kept them plenty occupied. Good thing we brought them as the fish were NOT biting at all.

I was the only one who caught one big enough to eat. Good thing too as we were really counting on catching something for our meal that night. Not a pickerel, but a jackfish doesn't taste all that bad!

Sunday we only got about 3 hours of fishing in before it started to rain. It just kept raining all day long with absolutely no breaks. We were well prepared though. A couple of new board games, cards, movies and puzzles kept us busy till late in the evening.

The best part for the kids was the owners dog "Cody". He was so friendly and the kids loved him. Here they are letting him share the rest of their ice cream cones.

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Quirkymom said...

We don't have any gear to go fishing or a license for that matter, so I think we are going to go to a fish farm just to get the experience. They supply everything and there are lots of bites as the lake is stocked with fish. July is already getting booked up with playdates and sleepovers, so I better get it on the calendar quick! Looked like a great way to spend father's day!