Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I just have to Brag!

I am an auntie again to two new beautiful twin girls.
They were born on Sept. 23rd.

Introducing Amelia Jayde(pink) and Mollie Shae(yellow)

Of course their big sister Sadie (who is only 2 1/2 yrs. old by the way--good luck my dear sister!) is just as thrilled with their arrival.

Aren't they all just the cutest things!


jkddz said...

Oh my... she will be busy but.. they are all so sweet =)
Tammi are they identical? one lady at Baton has identical twin ( they are now 9yearsold) and they had put nail polish on one girl's toes pretty much til she could talk so they could always tell them apart!

Karen of the KAGS said...

very very cute Auntie Tammi! Love how the twins roll together. Spencer had he been a girl would have been an Amelia!

bamemories said...

I just found out today that the pathology report revealed that they are identical. My sister was looking for some ideas on how to tell them apart as she still has their hospital bands on. I'll let her know your suggestion Kari and any other ideas would be appreciated!

Quirkymom said...

Are those Tavia's? Wow - she will have her hands full - congrats and hugs to auntie and mommy!

sassy studio said...

they are perfect! I'm sure big sis wil be a BIG help! aren't we the luckiest auties ever!

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