Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have just experienced my first taste of maliciousness that I didn't really know existed in my small little blog world.

I have been a victim of a very hurtful comment in response to a comment that I left on KAGS blog. You can check it out under the comments on this post.

I wasn't even going to acknowledge it as it seems very trivial to what I'm dealing with right now, but things like this don't sit very well with me and until I acknowledge it, I can't rid myself of it.

So, to my friends who follow my blog, please don't think that my comment posted on KAGS blog was meant to be hurtful to anyone. My good friends that know me, know my personality and know that when I comment anything, it is very lighthearted in nature. I don't always leave the "LOL's" or "ha-ha's" because when I comment on my friends blogs, I know they understand me.

So for you "Anonymous" commenter, perhaps you should think twice before you leave such comments. I'm not going to satisfy you with a rude comment back, but I will satisfy you by letting you know that what you commented achieved its ultimate goal---I was hurt, I cried and I question my desire to leave comments on my friends blogs in the future.

However, I will offer you some advice for the next time you comment----- you may want to be a little more mature and leave your name---hiding behind "Anonymous" is very cowardly.
Perhaps you should visit Saucy's blog here and take the "Blog with Integrity" pledge!

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