Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Little Sumthin' Sumthin'

Inspired by Saucy 's recipe and my good friends Karen and Kari who are always making such great cupcakes, I decided to try my hand at this delicious delicacy. I may never have delved into the cupcake world had the "Sound of Music" night hadn't gotten postponed and I could have made the 'Sachertorte', but Kari was coming over for supper and I NEED dessert so I thought "why not cupcakes". Oh, by the way--we still will get together for this movie--just let me know if you want to wait until after XMAS.

Now, these weren't just any cupcakes--no, I thought they needed something that reflected my personality and since they don't make any "country twang" in a bottle (they really should), I couldn't help but think back to Leica's Scraps and thought "well, they do make a little sumthin sumthin in a bottle" so here they are:

Tammi's Tim's coffee cupcakes with a little sumthin sumthin icing.

I have to admit, they were quite good for a first time, although that could be due to the 3/4 cup of Bailey's in the icing--next time I will make the coffee way stronger as you couldn't really make out a coffee taste--but you could really taste the Bailey's which I think is the most important ingredient of all! I'm going to make a few more for Dale's work and my work in the next couple of days, so if you're around my area and would like to try one, just pop in--I know I'll have extras.

Even though Kari should have been home preparing for her daughters birthday, she brought the WII Sing-it to show to Avery. Do you really think I could resist this---absolutely not! No country tunes on this one, but I so rocked it to Miley Cyrus. Honestly, I can't sing worth shit when you give me a pop song and a mike, but I still love it, love it, love it! Avery joined in with me and after that you could barely get the mike out of her hands. If I could just find a Disney Princess Sing-it, she would be set. Although she's loving Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" right now and this may be on the new Sing-it. Does anyone know?

Kari and I searched on the WII website after to see if we could find something more age appropriate for Avery, but all we found was this

So if anyone sees my husband before XMAS, you can all let him know what he can get me--then we could get together for a Karaoke night! Yee-haw!


jkddz said...

those cupcakes were just right!

and Dj enjoyed singing with Avery =P

I am busy baking now for Wednesday

scrappaleica said...

cupcakes sound fabulous, tammi's sumthinsumthin.

wii- I can just picture it, I sound like sh@@ too, but I would so rock it next to you too1 lol

Jenn said...

Your cupcakes look fab! Love the title for your post :) Oooh. And the Country track pack. Couldn't be more perfect!