Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where did November go?

I don't where November went to--it seems like we went right from October to December. I was so busy in November that I didn't really have time to post anything but our Scrap weekend. Here's a little bit of what else we did.

Most importantly, Dale's Grandma turned 94. She's living with Dale's parents now, but she's still very independent (and stubborn!--but we love her!) and I'm sure we'll see her around for awhile. She may take her medications all wrong--and won't listen to a word Dale and I say to her about it-- but she must be doing something right to still be kicking at 94.

I was also very, very busy organinzing for my party which took place on the 15th of November. I can't believe I never got any pictures of it, but I was so busy baking and entertaining and visiting and having so much fun that pictures just completely slipped my mind. So, if you didn't make it this year, you will have to come next year. Leica, didn't you stay for like 3 hours? You did know it was a come and go, right?

We also finally made it the the Santa Parade this year. The only other time we went was about 5 years ago when Blake was about 2 years old. It's either too cold or one of us is working that I just haven't got around to going again. The kids loved it--especially getting the candy, but they were actually quite interested in all the floats as well. Avery loved the horses and I think the Ruckers float was Blake's favorite. I have to admit, that I was a little disappointed in the floats---I just remember floats being so much more decorated when I was a little kid and I also just loved when they "threw" a bunch of candy from the floats instead of just walking around and handing it out. I also think that EVERY float should be blasting XMAS music from it and should be getting the crowd very involved. Am I asking too much?!? I guess the important thing is that the kids loved it and they don't have to know what I think. And because the kids loved it, we will try our hardest to go again next year.

We also had the opportunity to see Danica in the parade with her optimist twirling club. Of course, my pictures wouldn't be complete without kari sticking her ass out in a picture--you just have to check out her mad hatter pics to know what I'm talking about!

And yeah!, finally Santa--we will have to make it to the mall sometime to get pics--I don't think we did this last year!?!?

We also continued with our new tradition of cutting down our XMAS tree this year---see my post tomorrow and it's getting late and this one is getting too long!

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