Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's been awhile since my first and only posting. I am determined to do this. My friends Jen and Karen have been my inspiration. I am starting this blog mainly as a journal for myself, so that I can record my memories of my family. I told myself I would start regularly on May 1st, but my husband is watching a movie and I thought this would be a good time to get myself going.

We just spent a wonderful day at the Forestry Farm and Zoo with our friends and their kids. It was a beautiful day (22 degrees).
I wasn't expecting it to be so hot-I sunburned my neck and I hate to admit it, but Avery's arms got sunburned too! The kids just love the zoo. Blake always heads right to feed the ducks and geese first. Avery tries to get the geese and is always running after them-I'm trying to get the perfect picture of her doing this. Oh! and the monkeys, they love the monkeys! They stand and watch them from the window and when they come close Avery squeals in delight and both of them run back and forth trying to keep up to them.

They have the most beautiful white Bengal Tigers right now. They have a picture of the orange ones and Blake has to show me this picture and say "Not those ones, right mommy, those ones are gone." We have been to the zoo, so often, that he knows exactly what has been there and where everything is. After, we had a picnic of deli sandwiches and fruit and the kids played on the playground and we flew out kite. It was just such a wonderful family day and the kids were so well behaved. Avery didn't get her nap today, just slept in the car for about 15 minutes, so she went to bed pretty early.

I have to mention that this is her first night without her soother. Dale cut the tip out of one of them on Thurs. night. Avery tried to suck on it and then pulled it out of her mouth and said "Yucky". Dale told her that "oh-oh" it was broken and that she should throw it in the garbage, so she did. He gave her her second one for that night, but then on Fri. night we cut that one and said the same thing to her. It was so funny because once she threw it in the garbage and we told her that there were no more soothers she said "no!' and seemed to contemplate what she was going to do, so she opened the cupboard door and pulled her soother out of the garbage and took that one to bed with her that night. So, we cut it even more tonight, so that she wouldn't want it at all. It took her awhile to fall asleep, but we kept going in and telling her that all her suckies were broken and that she was a big girl and didn't need them anymore. She finally fell asleep after Dale rubbed her back for awhile and gave her a doggy to sleep with. I'm sure we're in for plenty of interrupted sleep tonight, but it'll be well worth it once she's sleeping through the night without it.


Aspergertopia said...

I love the forestry farm. There is so much to do besides seeing the animals (although, for the kids they never grow tired of them). Noah and Joshua love the fishing pond, the "medication" Gardens-(actually the meditation gardens, Noah just calls it the medication gardens), and having picnics by the little park. I think we will be there at least once a week!

Good idea, for getting rid of the soother. I will have to keep that in mind, I think we will have some major issues getting rid of Joshi's too!

kr8inkaren said...

Wow - look at all the journallin you just did!
Have fun blogging - you'll soon be addicted! I'll add a link to you on my blog!