Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Had a good day off from work. Went to the gym while Blake was at preschool. Way too stiff now. Shouldn't have done the boot camp last night! Then went to Dana's for lunch with the kids. Avery tried to nap, but not for very long. She's now without her soother for good. It was a rough couple of days, but we got through it. Sunday's nap was HORRIBLE. Listened to her scream for most of it. Lucky for Dale-he was golfing. Almost phoned him up on his cell phone to have him listen to her while he golfed. However, she seems to be getting used to it now. For all of you who want to get rid of your kids soothers--it's just like an alcoholic going through withdrawal symptoms, so be prepared!
Went this evening to meet a new daycare home. Really liked her and her set up. Kids seemed to settle right into her house while we were there. (hopefully a sign!) Thinking that she would be good to get the kids into for fall. We're getting my boss' daughter to sit for us in the summer, but we still need June. Probably won't find anyone and we'll just work our shifts around it. Went to a fifth ave. jewellry party with Darcie and bought 2 pairs of earrings.
Was at Hudson's 4th birthday at Flip on Sunday. The kids had a good time. Avery jumps so well on the trampoline. She bends her knees so much and can jump quite high for a little girl. Blake was a little shy to start with, but eventually he joined in. I was so proud of him as he was really playing well with some boys he had never met before. Usually he just does his own thing and shys away from any groups. Dad came over for supper that night.
Worked Monday all day. Dale took Avery to see Dr. Persaud (allergist). He figures she just has eczema and probably frequent colds as she didn't react to any of the allergens he put on her arm. Blake saw Dr. Spafford--need tubes in his ears again. Pretty much expected that. He says he usually doesn't like to put tubes in older kids, but Blake really needs it. This will be his third set--hopefully his speech will start to improve more after this round. Tried to do some practicing this afternoon, but he's starting to resist it and gets quite frustrated. Hopefully it will be better once we start seeing Grace on a regular basis again.

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Aspergertopia said...

Hi,glad to hear Avery is beginning to get used to having no soother, as hard as it is. I am not looking forward to tackling that one!

About the pics. When you click on the icon to insert a pic, there should be a number of options. If I am putting pics side-by-side, under the "choose a layout" I click "none" and on "image size" I click "small". Hope that helps.