Sunday, May 6, 2007

Just read Jen's blog and I too can say that I sailed the day away. AT WORK that is. I'm so jealous, I have always wanted to go to the montgomery garage sale and never have made it. Work was crazy busy. Didn't get much of a break, was exhausted and starving by the time I got home. Shouldn't complain too much though, since Dale had all 4 kids this weekend by himself. Went pretty well actually, he was still breathing when I got home! The most exciting thing that happened to him was when Blake got a tick at the park. Dale had to bring him home and get it out. I guess he was fine until Dale told him that it was a bug--then he couldn't stop crying (poor guy). But he stuck it out the whole time Dale was poking that hot needle at the thing trying to get it to come out. Be aware--there are LOTS of ticks out right now!!
Most special moment of the day was when I got home from work tonight and Blake and Avery were standing in the doorway waiting for me to get out of the truck. They were smiling and waving and saying "mommy, mommy". They each had great big hugs for me. Spent the rest of the evening playing and getting them ready for bed. Avery loves to read books right now. Every night (and first thing in the morning) we read "That's not my Dolly". "That's not my Teddy" 4 Dora books and a few nursery rhymes. Her favorite is "Patty Cake" The Dolly and Teddy books are 'Touchy-feely" books and she always has to hold it up to her cheek (and then to mine) and feel the textures. If I try to put her to bed without reading her books, then she's got one leg over the railing trying to get out to the rocking chair where we always sit.

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