Monday, May 14, 2007

Been a few days since my last post, so I think I'll work my way backwards. Just worked today and then spent the evening with the kiddos. Played some "What time is it Mr. Wolf" with them before I went to work. Avery got the hang of it pretty fast. She'd always say "2" or "5" o'clock.
Had a wonderful mothers day yesterday. The kids gave me my presents first thing in the morning. A new ball bag and some new clothes. I also got a wonderful home-made card that Blake helped Dale make.
Then Dale took me golfing to Saskatoon West for the morning and then we just hung out with the kids for the rest of the day. Dale made ribs for supper and we had a relaxing evening watching TV.

Sat May 12th: Scrapbooked at Kari's from 9 to 5 with Jen and Heather. Was a little hesitant to be inside on such a nice day, but then we had that freak hail storm in the afternoon, so it made it a little easier to justify. Dale took the kids to their swim lessons in the morning-the first time they both had to wear their ear plugs and headbands, but they did good and didn't complain about having to wear them. Dale made me Lobster for supper and it was delicious. We've never made lobster before and it turned out excellent. Dale's friend Scott was in town, so he came over to visit and then they went out for drinks, which left me in the house by myself for the rest of the night. Yeah!-love it when I don't have to answer to anyone and I can muddle around in my office alone!

Fri May 11th: worked and then took the kids to a couple of garage sales and then to the park. Had a wonderful evening with them until we got home and then they started to fight in the bathtub. Have had very little patience with them this past week. I don't know if they just don't listen well enough sometimes or my patience is just getting thinner and thinner. Maybe we need more of a routine--but how when you work different shifts all the time!?

Thurs May 10th: Blake had preschool and I took Avery to Kindermusik. She loves it. She participates really well and just loves the instruments and dancing. Lately she's always wanting me to lift her up and hold her during some of the songs, which is really strange since she never did this at the beginning, but if I don't then she usually will whine and throw a temper tantrum. (not unusual for her) She especially likes the circle dancing and grabbing the instruments ("two for you and two for mom") she always brings the proper number. She also loves putting them away and runs in front of the other kids and grabs as much as she can hold to put back in the basket. Blake made me a lovely potted plant at school today for mother's day. When we were leaving he slipped in the hallway and dropped it all over the floor. Thank goodness it wasn't in a breakable pot, but there was dirt everywhere. We got it back together, but he was crying and I don't know if he was really hurt or just really upset for dropping it. I had tears in my own eyes-it hurts me so much when he feels bad or hurts himself! We had speech therapy today for the first time this session. Blake is with 2 other boys which I think will be good for him as I think he can get that little extra push from watching them say their words. He did great, as he always does when we're there. Now I just need to try to get him to practice at home.

Wed may 16th: Had the day off from work. Blake got his 3rd set of tubes in his ears this morning so was at the hospital from 7 to 10:30 AM. Was exhausted as I'm also trying to fight off an awful head cold. I slept in his hospital bed while he watched his portable DVD. Everything went well-he was a little groggy when he woke up and was crying a little bit-but mainly because he wanted me to get his movie for him. Met Janine for lunch at Montana's and then picked Avery up and took both kids to get fitted for their ear plugs. Was desperately wanting to just get home and relax for a little bit and was very disappointed to see that my housecleaner didn't come today (AAAAHHH). Dale and I had our first slow pitch game tonight. Was a crappy day for it. Was windy as hell and very cold. Could barely throw the ball my hands were so cold, but we won of course and us girls were hitting awesome! Went to the Sutherland after for some drinks and Trish and I won $100 on the VLT's. When we got home, Alyssa was waiting for us with a friend and was very worried because she was trying to get a hold of us. I guess Avery woke up and wouldn't stop crying and she said she cried for 25min. before she fell back to sleep. Wow, that's unusual! I guess she'd never done that before with Alyssa and she was worried. Next time I don't think it will bother her so much!

Blake started Blastball and had his first practice on Monday and first game on Tuesday. He played last year, but this year he's really into it. He always tries to get the ball and he listens really well to his coach. Last year he'd just stand back and let the other kids get it. He's always been a good hitter-he has great hand-eye coordination. Both nights were warm, but lots of mosquitoes! Tues. night both Dale and I were there, so it was easier to watch him--we could take turns running after Avery! She's such a typical tomboy-she had her hat on backwards and she spent most of the time eating sunflower seeds. She'd stick the whole thing in her mouth and then try to spit the shell out but it usually got stuck on her tongue and I'd have to scrape it out of her mouth. Half the time she'd gag on them and almost choke, but she kept putting them back in her mouth. I should have gotten a picture of her-I had my camera, but I was too focused on getting pics of Blake.

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