Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh, how I love lazy days. Was such a rainy day today that it was so easy to do nothing. So besides cooking supper and doing a little bit of carousing around wal-mart, we stayed home together as a family and did very little all day long. Dale just left to a movie and the kids are in bed (8:15PM-Yeah!), so now I have nothing but 'me' time.
Sunday, Dale golfed in the morning and we had another lazy day around the house. I went to Amber's wedding reception at the Samurai with my other colleagues and had alot of wonderful food and great entertainment. She married a Vietnamese man, so it was interesting to see the culture they incorporate into their weddings.
Saturday I took the kids to the Shrine circus. They loved it and they were so good. Dale was working, so just the 3 of us went. Avery's favorite part was the poodles, but she watched everything with wide eyes and fascination. She even was waving her arms and swinging back her head like the acrobats. Blake's favorite part was the clowns-he laughed so hard. They each got a $12!! souvenir and we had snowcones at intermission. Of course, the evening wouldn't be complete if one of their snowcones didn't fall on the floor shortly after buying it! My favorite part was when I didn't win the 50/50 draw and Blake said to me "it's okay mommy, you'll win next time."
Wednesday the 16th, we both had the day off so we told Blake we would take him minigolfing to Putt n' Bounce. He was so excited and he even remembered that we were going today (we told him yesterday), but much to our dismay when we got there it was under construction. He was devastated, but cheered up when we told him we'd have lunch at Fuddruckers. We then took him to the driving range at Wilson's and jumped in the astro jump.
I felt so proud watching my son and my husband together. I took this picture when I just happened to be looking at them when I was in the Astro jump with Avery. It's so hard to capture the emotion you feel when you see this. It was just so adorable-my little son and my wonderful husband to whom he looks up to standing next to each other and doing something that both of them love to do. Just feeling that Dale will always be there to teach him these things and that Blake will always have him to look up to.

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Aspergertopia said...

Awww!!! What an awesome picture, captured the feeling perfectly- I think that calls for it being blown up :) Same with the picture of Avery in the bouncer-gotta love that hair! Too cute.

Talk to you soon-take care.