Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just got back from ball-lost both games. I blame it on the field condition-we were playing in a diamond of mud! The kids had a new sitter tonight-this is her third time. She's great and the kids have really taken to her. Work is insane-put in 9 1/2 hours today. I am so sick of airmiles!

Had the day off yesterday-of course it poured all day! Blake had his preschool graduation-it was so cute! They did some sing-songs and received their diplomas. Blake was pretty shy and just fiddled with his shirt and didn't sing, but I think it's because we were there-his teacher says he does just fine when we're not there. However, when he got his diploma and was asked what his favorite part of preschool was, he said "seeing Santa". He actually came up with this all by himself-not one other kid said this before him. I can't believe he'll be going into kindergarten next year. Wow, time sure does fly!

Had a good scrapclub rendevous last night as well. Great food-thanks Jen! Spent way too much money, but that was for Jen's benefit! The weekend was nice and hot-finally! Dale was away golfing at Nipawin so it was just me and the kiddos. It was a good weekend with them. I got all my screens and windows washed and I even washed most of my silk plants. Had supper Sat. night with Dana and Tricia and the kids-what a zoo that was-but the food was excellant! Went to Noah's birthday party on Sunday morning. Blake had a blast-he still has his pirate tattoo!

Blake's getting to be such a big brother. The other day at lunch, he was totally acting like Dale and I. He kept banging his fist on the table and telling Avery to eat and to stop fooling around or she'd have to go to her room. Then he was trying to get her to clean up the cushions and he kept telling her "Avery clean up the cushions or a time out-you pick-what do you want?" Wow, we really have to watch ourselves now. When I told Blake that he needed to leave the disciplining up to mommy and daddy-he started to cry and said "I just want to help you mommy, I like helping you, I love you" Well, what do you say to that!

A funny thing-today at supper, Blake had to go to the washroom. When he came out, he said to me. "Mommy, my pee-pee in the front and my bum in the back. Why is my bum not in the front like my pee-pee." I guess it's time to start pulling out my anatomy textbook!

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