Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So this is the first month with no Kari in our lives. They seem to understand that they won't be going there anymore. At least Blake does-he has said "no more daycare, mommy" They are adjusting well but why wouldn't they when they have mommy and daddy at home with them mostly everyday now. Today was the first day we needed Ashley for a few hours. The kids get along with her great and she's so good with them. Didn't do anything but work today for 9 hours after an early morning eye exam. Went to the park with the kids in the evening and then read them some books together and put them to bed. Nice and early 'cause they seem to be getting up way too early.

I can't believe that I forgot about Blake's Kindergarten orientation yesterday. I feel so bad. I never forget these things-I must be working too much! Thank god he's not old enough to realize we missed it. I really wanted him to go though, so he could meet his teacher and see the other kids that will be in his class next year-oh my god, I feel absolutely terrible about this!

Had a great weekend off-nice and hot, so spent most of it outside with the kids playing at the spray park and such. Got all my flower pots planted and had 2 great supper meals with the entire family-a real treat at our house these days! Got to visit finally with Janine and Wes on Sunday night. Enjoyed some drinks in the hot tub and a bit of Sequence playing.

Forgot to mention that Dale's birthday was on the 31st. I had to work that night, so we didn't do anything. The kids gave him his present in the morning-a new golf bag-and then he was off to work. I'll have to do something special for him next year. Been so busy at work that I forgot to even book the evening off and plan anything.

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