Tuesday, June 12, 2007

After 4 long days of work and hardly seeing my family, I finally have 2 days off. The kids were wonderful today. Avery especially-she hardly whined or complained all day--even with only a short nap this afternoon! Blake, however, was not feeling good at all. He has an awful cold and was running a fever. But he's a trooper and even managed to find the energy to come to the mall and find Dale a father's day present. The poor guy, he fell asleep on the stool in the dressing room at The Children's Place. I felt so bad for dragging him out, but he seemed much better after this catnap and some Advil, that he was okay to play some Candyland and Blastball this evening. He didn't make it all the way through his practice and he zonked out pretty hard when I put him to bed. Hopefully he'll feel much better tomorrow. Avery, on the other hand was full of piss and vinegar. Today, she undressed her cabbage patch kid and gave her a bath in the bathroom sink. I didn't know what she was doing until she brought her out dripping wet. Then she proceeded to wash her clothes after! Well, at least she's started to play with her dolls!

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