Monday, June 18, 2007

Blake's blastball is finished for the year, so tonight the kids got their group photo and everyone received medals. Blake was very excited to get his. I can't believe it's all done-it went by so fast. Now I don't have the kids in any activities-maybe I'll have to look for a summer camp.

Yesterday was Father's day. Dale had to work all day, but since it was pouring rain all day it was a good day for him to work. I went to Costco and I literally got drenched walking from the store to the van. Dad came over for supper, but he didn't get to take his card home with him. We had bought him a father's day card that had a dog on the front, so Avery would absolutely not give it up. I couldn't even write in it and put it in the envelope. She actually takes the thing to bed with her and sleeps with it. Everytime you mention Grandpa, she says "doggy" and goes and gets the card. Blake picked out a golfing card for Dale. When we were at the store, he said "Let's get this one, daddy likes golfing, right?". Blake also found a printable book when he was on the computer that was "The perfect Father's day" story. I had actually tried to look on the computer for an activity that the kids could give him, but I couldn't find anything. Blake found this all by himself and brought it upstairs to show me.

I actually celebrated Father's day with Dale on Saturday. We went golfing at Holiday park in the morning with Marlon and Darcie before he had to go to work. What a wonderful day for it. It was hot, hot, hot! It actually started to cloud over shortly after we were done, so it was perfect.

My days off last week were spent mostly trying to find Dale a watch for Father's day. I finally just decided to pick one and have him return it and pick out something he likes. At least it's better than a gift certificate. I then took the kids to the zoo on Wednesday. I genuinely love going there. I find that I really slow down and enjoy things. There is no rushing to get from one place to the next. We actually spent at least 20 minutes first looking at the monkeys. They were cleaning the cage, so the kids had to watch that. Then when they were finished they put food all around and let the monkeys back in. It was fun to watch the monkeys run around and find all of it and guess what it was they wanted to eat. This time I also discovered a new set of washrooms. We walked for the first time on the walking path behind the mountain goat pen and there they were, tucked back into the bush. And there is no one there, which makes them even more special. As we were walking down this path, we saw a bird on the road and we thought it might be hurt as it wasn't moving when we got really close to it. We went to tell the zookeeper and led her back to where it was. It turns out it was just a young bird that didn't have it's flying wings yet, but they didn't know where it's mother was, so they'd have to keep an eye on it. After that, everytime Blake saw a bird he said "is that the baby birds mommy?" Avery also got nipped on the hand this day by a goose. She actually didn't provoke it--we were just feeding the geese and a family started to come closer to get the seeds, and when Avery went to throw the seeds to them, the adult goose just bit her. Poor thing, she cried for awhile, but she was okay. As soon as Dale got home, she had to tell him about it. This was quite an eventful day for us at the zoo. When we were on the train ride, we passed the miniature horses. This was one of the first times they've been out in the open when we've been there. Blake says "wait a minute-horses don't belong in the zoo!" I would love to put Blake in the zoo camp this year, but they had to cancel his age program.

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