Monday, June 25, 2007

I always mean to sit down almost every evening and blog, but for some reason I never get around to it, so I always have to sum all the days up together.
Thursday night I went to see the Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw concert with Janine. It was fabulous!! It was called Soul to Soul II and I can see why. The time that they spent on stage together and sang their duets was incredibly intimate. I almost had tears in my eyes thinking of the connection that they must feel. Just to have that same passion and to be able to share it with each other is phenomenal.

Dale left for fishing on Friday morning which left me and the kids for the weekend. It was an excellent weekend! I just spent all my time with them and they were so well behaved. We bought a new pool for the kids-an above ground 8ftX26" since it was supposed to be HOT. Well, it wasn't as hot as they forecasted, but it was hot enough to get some sun and the kids had alot of fun jumping in and out of the pool. (The water was very cold!) Friday, Dana and I took the kids to the paddling pool at Kinsmen park and then enjoyed a picnic after. We were hoping to take the kids on the rides, but they didn't open until 2PM, and of course, the little ones needed their naps before then. They were very disappointed, but no temper tantrums arose. Probably because we co-erced them to the ice cream bus before we went home.
Saturday was the best day of all. I just took it easy. I didn't go to the gym, so we had a very lazy morning. I got to enjoy 2 cups of coffee while the kids watched some TV and then we had pancakes at 9AM. Dana and Trisha came over to play in the backyard. They both brought Timmies, so I was loving the 4 cups of coffee I got to have that day. The kids all played great together and then we enjoyed lunch at Mcdonalds. This is a treat for my kids, since I don't ever go in to eat (we only ever go through the drive-thru) they got to play in the playland. However, it wasn't for long as some kid threw up all over the place. (this is why I go through the drive-thru). After supper that evening, I took the kids to Kinsmen Park for the rides that we missed on Friday. Blake just gets so excited and whenever we do something that he just absolutely loves he always says "Thank you mommy, thank you, thank you. I love you. I love it so so much. It's my favorite!" At one point on Saturday afternoon, while Avery was sleeping, we were enjoying a popsicle on the deck and Blake turned to me and said "I love this house. I don't want anyone to take it away." I'm thinking that he's really enjoying the time that Dale and I are spending at home with them, since Kari closed. He was talking to Dale on the phone Saturday night and without me even having to tell him to ask, he asks Dale "How many fish did you catch, daddy?" After he told me "Daddy caught FIVE fish. Hey, I'm five and daddy caught five fish."

Sunday wasn't as hot, so after the gym, we went to the mall and I did some SHOPPING! Got the kids some clothes from Children's Place and then picked myself up a couple of bathing suits as well. Spent way to much money, but that's what happens when your husband leaves you alone for 3 days. We went to Tia's birthday party in the evening. She lives on an acreage outside the city, so the kids had alot of fun playing in their playhouse and roaming the grounds. I haven't seen this group of ladies and kids for so long and it was good to see how everyone has changed. The kids seem so much older, but man, some of those 5 year old girls are little snobs (sorry to be so blunt). I sure hope Avery isn't like that. I couldn't believe that they would even know how to act like that. I'm sure I'll have to deal with it sooner or later! Well, Dale's been waiting for me to come and watch a movie, so I guess I better go.

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