Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Canada Day

I was enjoying the evening watching a movie with Dale last night, so I'm posting my Canada Day adventures today. We decided to enjoy the morning out at Pike Lake. Blake must not have gotten enough sleep the night before as he kept complaining that it was taking too long to get there and he was "just going to go to sleep" until we got there. Of course he didn't. He's really into this whole "just joking, just fooling you" phase right now. It probably didn't help that we got a little bit lost on the way out. We didn't realize that they added an intersection on the way to Rosetown for the new development and we started to make our way to Bigger. It really only set us back about 10 min. but according to Dale (who really knew that we should have turned there!) it was like a whole half a day!
Anyway, we arrived and we enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast at 9AM. The kids then played in the park until the pool opened up at 10AM. We then spent the next 3 hours swimming and splashing and water sliding and pic-nicing with Marlon and the kids. Blake had a blast playing "crocodile" with me and Avery loved filling up her watering can and pouring the water all over us. I think my favorite part was when we were all in the pool together and we were all trying to splash each other and get each other wet. We were all laughing and I just imagined that anyone who was looking at us would have thought "What a happy family". That's what I really felt. A truly happy family enjoying each other.
Avery didn't want to go down the waterslide at all. Even though she's more of a spitfire than Blake was at this age, she's not as brave as he was. Blake always enjoyed going down any kind of slide and Avery is a lot more hesitant and seems to get more scared that Blake did.
We then enjoyed some Canada Day cake and then took the kids mini-golfing before heading home. We thought for sure Avery would crash on the way home, but she didn't and she went down for her regular nap once we got home. We then set up the tent to clean it up from Dale's fishing trip and boy was Blake excited! Almost everyday he asks us "how many more sleeps until we go camping?" He certainly would have slept in it that night if we would have let him. We then barbecued some ribs for supper and took the kids to the spray park for some more evening play. It was a really great Canada Day. I only regret not taking more pictures. The only ones I have are from the pool. I never think to pull my camera out for the "everyday" events like the breakfasts and the cake eating and the tent pitching and..... I have to take some pointers from my good camera happy friends. Hope you all enjoyed your Canada Day!

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Aspergertopia said...

looks like you guys had a great day! I bet the water was perfect. It was so darn hot.