Sunday, July 29, 2007

camping trip

We got back Saturday from our yearly camping trip to Kimball Lake. We had the best year ever. Some of our highlights were:

1. The kids having a great time playing together and hardly fighting at all. Both Blake and Avery love camping and they're at a great age right now. We'd go down to the beach first thing in the morning and stay pretty much the whole day. Blake is like a fish in the water as long as his feet can touch the bottom. You always knew when Avery wanted to go for a swim--she say "swim, swim" and then start moving her arms in a front crawl position until I got her in the water!

2. Blake fishing for the first time ever. The guys and boys went out twice and then just Dale, Blake, Avery and I went out one night by ourselves. Dale would cast the rod and once he got a bite, he'd let Blake reel it in all by himself. Avery loved it too. She'd try to reel the fish in and once we got it in the boat she always wanted to touch it. She even wanted to feed it her crackers one time. When we would throw the fish back into the lake, she'd yell "fish, fish" until we caught another one.

3. Avery sleeping for the first time out of her crib. She did very well. She wasn't scared at all, just excited, so she had a hard time settling down at night. Blake was exhausted, so he just wanted to crash and you could hear him through the monitor saying "Avery, go to sleep, I'm tired. Mommy, Avery won't let me go to sleep!" We had one scare when the monitor wasn't picking up the frequency and Marlon heard her crying when he went back to his camper. He came and got us and when I went in there, she wasn't in her bed. My heart just sank, but then I saw her curled up between Blake's bed and the wall of the tent. She must have went to him when we didn't come right away and since he never wakes up, she must have decided that that was a safe place to be. It was a very emotional, but touching. We were also thankful she didn't give up her afternoon naps. We never tried to put her down, she'd just fall asleep in our arms on the beach. After she would poop in her swimmer, she wanted to be wrapped up the towel and held like a baby and she would fall asleep for about an hour. It was very precious.

4. Using our new Sea-D00 for the first time. It was great having it here this year. It sure helped us cool down. the kids loved riding on it and going tubing. We could hardly get Avery off the tube. She always wanted to hit the "little baby bumps" and Blake always wanted to ride on the Sea-Doo with Dale and hit the "great big bumps!" I even drove it a couple of times. I tried to take Blake out once, but since I'm so cautious he said "Mommy, you're not very good, I want to go with Daddy." We were also able to water-ski for the second time in our lives--as you can tell from our lovely form. Dale eventually went to one ski and tried to slalom, but I preferred to stay on two. It was a blast-an extremely good purchase to say the least.

5. Our little nature hike. Avery loved to stop and pick the wild raspberries and blueberries, but she wouldn't eat them. We didn't see any extraordinary animals-just a squirrel and a beautiful dragonfly. Apparently, there was more wildlife in our campsite. We usually had a rabbit visit us and I guess a bear walked behind our campsite one afternoon when we were down at the beach. That evening we heard 2 gunshots--they shot it, but I don't know why.

6. Our early morning walk down to the beach. We were the only ones there. Blake grabbed the map of the campground and used it to navigate us to the beach from our campsite. Once we got there the kids ran up and down the shoreline chasing the seagulls.

And last but not least....

7. Our Tim Horton's coffee every morning!!

It was an excellent vacation this year with excellent weather. The only bad thing about the trip was that we had a horrendous thunderstorm on Monday night. It wasn't a surprise seeing that the humidex got up to 43 degrees, but I was petrified. The tent was swaying so much back and forth I literally thought we were going to blow away. The kids slept through the whole thing. Blake woke up once after an extremely loud thunderclap, but he just put his hands over his ears and laid back down again. I was the biggest baby that night!! I guess I should have gotten really drunk like Marlon did and pass out naked on the camper floor. I guess Darcie had a worse night than I did!!

Blake didn't want to go home, but he did say he loved camping, but he also really loved his WebKinz game so coming home wasn't so bad after all. Our last night there, he woke up in the middle of the night and said "Daddy". Dale said "What". "I don't want to go home" and then he went back to sleep again.

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Kr8inKaren said...

Wow you guys had an excellent time - check you out water ski-ing Tammi - I'm impressed.