Thursday, July 19, 2007

Has it really been 9 days since my last post. I've been working everyday this week and spending the evenings packing for our camping trip that time just flies by. I have been getting the kids outside in the evening, usually over to Darcie's house to play. She just bought one of those inflatable slides and the boys have a blast on it. Avery has no interest in trying this what-so-ever and sticks to jumping on the trampoline.

Dale went to a golfing tournament on Fri. 13th. An NHL event in Elkridge at which he had the best time of his life...and drank a little bit too much too. Jen came over on Saturday with the boys and we enjoyed the morning outside with our "timmies"--thanks Jen. Blake and Noah played really well together even though it's been awhile since they've seen each other. Sunday was spent shopping for things for our camping trip and then enjoying the afternoon playing outside. Dad came over for supper and brought the kids little gifts as usual. Blake got some 'bug eye' glasses and Avery got a little ducky full of hair ties and a brush. Now she has to let me do her hair!

**Speaking of hair-a new haircut for me happened on the 11th. I love it-at least now I do. I actually had no intention of getting such a change, but as I as sitting there, I just said, "Do whatever!" I was a little unsure of it at the time, but I definately am loving it now. It actually got me thinking about Jen's life list and these challenges that my scrap friends keep coming up with. Well, what about a challenge of changing something about yourself that you've always been hesitant to do. Not a major event that would take alot of time to complete. Just something quick with drastic results Something that you always tell yourself that you'd like to do, but then always change your mind in the end. For example, I always say I'm going to do something different with my hair, but when I actually sit in the chair, I've always chickened out and always come out looking basically the same. This time I actually did it and I was extremely happy that I was able to do this change regardless if I ended up liking it or not or if anyone else liked it or not. I actually had someone say to me that they didn't like my hair at all, but then I also had someone tell my I was stunning and looked like a completely different person. The comments don't matter, it's the fact that I did it that I'm so proud of. Remember, it doesn't even have to be a drastic physical thing--it could be simply that you've never had a pedicure because you hate your feet or you hate people touching your feet, but for you that would be drastic thing to do and think of the great before and after "feet pics" you'd have for your scrapbook!


Adventures In RDI said...

Love the idea Tammi, really starting to think here!

Have a good trip!!!

Adventures In RDI said...

not sure why my comment came up from my other blog.