Saturday, August 11, 2007

Zoo Time

Today the kids ran for the train ride first. As I was locking the stroller up, Blake ran to pick a seat. Avery followed soon after and when I turned around they were both hanging out the side yelling for me to come. I thought it was so cute--made me realize that one day they may be looking like that out a real train when they leave home (boo-hoo!)

Then Blake spotted this rock and asked if he could stand on it. Then he said "mommy take a picture. This would be a good picture. After a couple of shots, he then said "Wait a minute" and proceeded to stick his thumb in his pocket for the perfect pose.

Avery finally figured out how to get the goats to come closer to her so she could pet them. Since when can a goat resist a good piece of straw. When they would lick her hand she'd have the cutest little giggle.

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