Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My new family member

Our newest member to our family is my new Webkinz. Dale gave him to me for our 7th anniversary. He knew how addicted I was to Blake's, so he got me my own. Isn't he cute, I named him "Jip" after my first real dog. Blake thought it was great and said "I'm so glad you got a pet too, mommy." Avery thought it was for her and immediately pulled it out of the bag and said "Thank you mommy, thank you mommy" over and over again.

My second surprise came yesterday when this big bouquet of flowers arrived at work for me. It was a gift from my mom and my sisters for our anniversary. Don't I have a wonderful family. All my co-workers and some of my patients couldn't stop admiring them.
Dale and I celebrated by going to Las Palapas for supper, to Alexanders for dessert and then to the new Dakota Dunes casino. It is beautiful--we played a new table game called Phil-em-up and we came out 50.00 to the good, so all in all it was a pretty good anniversary.

We haven't really done a whole lot else these past few days. The weather has been awful--the worst August I can remember. Too much rain and too many storms. Although, I didn't mind the rain so much on Saturday, since I spent all day at Kari's scrapbooking up a storm. A full day from 9am to midnight. Thanks Kari for the hospitality and the great food! Can't wait for the next one!

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