Monday, September 10, 2007

CORN MAZE (Aug 29/07)

On this day I decided that it would be a good idea to take the kids to the corn maze. We finally had a pretty nice day and I wanted to do something with them outside other than going to the park. We didn't get here until close to 4Pm and I had a ham in the oven cooking to be done for 5:45, so I thought we had lots of time. I paid and got a map--a map, why would we need a map, it can't be that difficult! So we headed out with 'the map' which I kept because if we found a hidden hole puncher, we could punch our map and get a prize at the end. So, we started out.
Me: "Okay kids lets find the hidden treasure-look for the shiny silver treasure and we'll get a prize".
Blake: "Okay mommy, I'll look for the treasure. Which way to go. Hmm-lets go this way."
Me: "That's a good way Blake. Let's go. Don't forget to look for the treasure"
Avery: "mommy, look-treasure"
Me: "No Avery, that's corn. Keep looking-you need to look for something shiny." Isn't this fun. Keep going. Let's try this way. Okay, I guess we need to go back and try another way. Wow, this is so much fun. Keep looking for the treasure!"

After 40 minutes, I'm thinking. "Geez, how much longer, I really need to get home to get to supper before it's done" Finally we meet up with another family who knows how to read the map. She tries to explain it to me, but Blake keeps grabbing mine and I really have no idea where on the map she says we are, but i figure that I'll just follow them and we'll be okay. However, her kids took off so fast and Blake went a different direction that we were on our own again. By now, the conversation goes something like this.

Blake: "mommy I want to go home. How do we get out of here? Where's the end?
Me: "I don't know Blake. Just keep going. We'll get there. "
Avery: "home, mommy, home"
Me (dragging Avery by the arm): "Yes, Avery, we're going, just walk faster. Blake slow down, wait for us, Avery could you please try to walk faster.

15 minutes later:
Avery(throwing herself on the ground crying): "mommy, home, home, home"
Me: "Avery get up-it's muddy. We'll go home." I try to phone the front on my cell phone to get someone to come and get us out of this thing, but all I get is an answering machine.
Realizing I was near the side of the maze, I pick Avery up, carry her in my arms and tell Blake to stay close behind me. We then proceed to plow through the corn to get to the outside. I'm constantly looking behind me to make sure Blake is sticking with us and I can barely see him through the corn. The hilarity of the situation struck me and it crossed my mind to take a picture, but I didn't have the heart to stop him and tell him to "say cheese" when the poor guy was just trying to make sure he got through. We finally got out and walked all the way back to the van on the outside of the maze. The kids were happy again and Blake couldn't resist saying "but mommy, we didn't find the treasure!"

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