Monday, September 10, 2007


Drumheller was our first stop on our holiday trip to Calgary. We spent the evening swimming and watersliding at our hotel and then Sat. morning we went to The Royal Tyrell Museum. The kids were very excited and Avery kept saying she wanted to see a "BIG DINOSAUR". Before we even got to the museum, the kids had just as much fun looking for the dinosaur statues as we drove around town. Blake immediately would run to the computers when he saw one to see if there was a "game" he could play. They actually spent alot more time looking at the dinosaurs than I thought they would. There was still alot of running through it without stopping much, but they enjoyed themselves. Their favorite part was this ball room where you could stuff the balls into poles that were air-injected and watch the balls fly out the other end. It wouldn't be complete if Avery didn't have at least one of her meltdowns. I got a picture of her laying on the floor crying her eyes out-I can't even remember what provoked this one!

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Adventures In RDI said...

Great pics Tammi! Sounds like you guys had a really great time. My cousin is in from Ireland and Paul and I roped the Grandparents into watching the boys tomorrow night. We are going to Earls (my sister and Ryan) and some of her friends are coming. If you feel like it and aren't working.