Monday, September 10, 2007


After Drumheller, we made our way up to Calgary where we stayed with my family. It was very relaxing. The weather turned out to be very nice and we spent alot of our later afternoons sitting on the deck having a drink while Curtis barbecued our supper and the kids jumped on the trampoline. Dale's parents came in Sat night and had supper with us and then we all went to the casino after. We met them again for brunch on Sunday. While we were there a lady approached us and told us that we had very well behaved children and if all her children were like that while she was a teacher, she might still be teaching. I told her to give us 5 more minutes and she might be changing her opinion! Actually the kids were very good-and Avery only had her meltdown close to when we were going to leave.

We spent holiday Monday at the Calgary Zoo. For 5 hours to be exact. The kids always have a great time here, and every one of them was very well behaved. My favorite part was when we were looking at the flamingos and we told Avery to stand on one foot just like the birds were. A gentlemen next to us said he was from the Calgary Herald and asked if we could get her to do that again as he would like to take a picture. Avery actually posed very nicely for him and kept doing it again and again. He told us that if the picture was used that it would appear in the next days issue. First thing in the morning, I grabbed the paper to see if she was in there, but to my disappointment they used another picture. Here's my photo I took. I didn't get a profile picture like he did, so I sure would have liked to have seen his shot.

After Calgary, we headed to Edmonton to spend the night at the Fantasyland Hotel. Blake had chosen the room from the website and he picked the Igloo room. He was so excited when we pulled up to the hotel and as I was registering, he was jumping up and down and squeezing his hands together saying "I'm so excited, thank you mommy, thank you mommy, I'm so excited!!"
The room was beautiful and the kids were excited to sleep in their bunkbeds. Avery didn't sleep so well and kept waking up saying she wanted to go home. They loved the waterpark, of course. I tried to get pictures of Blake going down the big waterslides, but they all turned out blurry. Avery was content to stick to the toddler pools and slides. She wouldn't even go down the little Caribbean Cruiser waterslide with me. I don't know why she's so scared of bigger slides. All in all it was an excellant little vacation. The drive home from Edmonton was the worst part. Avery had 2 MAJOR meltdowns. One was because Blake was watching a movie on his DVD player and she decided that she wanted to watch that one too. So for 20 minutes we listened to her crying and screaming at the top of her lungs "I want that one, I want that one" over and over again. The second time was when we were about 15 min. out of N. Battleford and she kept screaming "Mommy, mommy, I want out, I want out, I want out!!" Once we got to the restaurant and I was taking her out of her carseat she says to me "mommy, like that, crying, mommy, like that" She was explaining to me how she was crying mommy. She really is entering a whole new level of terrible twos!

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