Monday, September 10, 2007


Blake started his first day of Kindergarten on Thurs. Sept 6th. He only had to go for a half day of orientation with 4 other kids today, so I wasn't too worried about him. However, I have been feeling just anxious and sad for a couple of weeks knowing that he was going to be going full days and he wouldn't be around the house all the time now. Turns out I had nothing to be anxious about. He went for a full day the next day with his whole class and when I asked him if he wanted to stay for lunch he said that he did. I asked him if he was sure because I'd be home to go pick him up and he assured me that he would be fine. Well, just to be sure, I went over to the school a little after 12 to take him the gloves "that I forgot to send with him". He was happily finishing his lunch and almost ready to go outside with the others to play. He was very proud that he had ate all his lunch and when I told him that I had to go and I'd be back later to pick him up he only hesitated a little bit (as I think he thought that I had come to pick him up), then he said okay and proceeded to put his gloves on. He did call me back for a kiss and a hug before I left so that made me feel really good! I felt almost sad that I didn't cry when I left him at school all day--I thought that would be my first reaction-I guess I was just so proud of him that it overcame any other emotion I had. Oh, and by the way, he really was very excited and happy to be going to school, he just wasn't happy to be getting his picture taken, thus the lack of enthusiasm in these pics.

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Adventures In RDI said...

Oh my god! Your not kidding, he looks so grown up! I love that picture of him riding his bike to school, with the backpack. So grown up and independent looking.