Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well, Happy birthday to me 3 days ago. We actually celebrated on the 17th as I had to work the night of the 18th. Wed. morning the kids gave me my present and card. I got a very beautiful new watch. My wonderful mother gave me a very generous gift certificate to Ultimo so I splurged on a leather jacket that same day. I'm showing both off in the picture below. Dale had the day off too, so after my massage in the morning, we spent the morning shopping and then we literally did nothing for the rest of the day. We had reservations at Carvers for supper and then hit the casino for an evening of fun. This is truly what I like to do on my birthday. Eat and gamble-you can't beat it. Of course it would be nicer if we made some money doing it, but when you don't lose anything either, you can't complain!

Last night I had some of the girls over for scrap club and Blake asked if I was having them here for my birthday party. I said no and explained that my birthday was over. Blake's response:"but we didn't have any cake!" You know, you spend so much time planning a great birthday party with all the trimmings for your kids that you don't realize that they expect the same thing for your own. So, I'm expecting that the next time we're all home for supper together this week, we'll be celebrating my birthday again!

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