Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I had clothing club tonight and we were talking about siblings and one lady mentioned how nice it was to have the older sibling as the girl. Dana had disagreed with her as her daughter wasn't the best helper when the second one came along. I also had mentioned that I love having Blake as the older one. He's just so good with Avery-of course, there are those moments when he will purposely taunt and tease her, but then there was last night. It was already 6:00 by the time his hockey was done, so I was going to drive thru Mcdonalds. The line-up was very long, so I decided we could go inside to eat. I don't normally do this as I don't like Playland--I refuse to climb up those things after Avery and I find I get more frustrated than anything. I wanted the kids to wait in line with me while I ordered the food, but Blake said "I'll look after Avery mommy, I'll be really good, I'll watch her" So, I agreed and they headed into Playland. I kept glancing at them and sure enough Blake was with her or if he went to go down a slide she was waiting for him at the end and then I could see them laughing. After we ate, Avery decided she finally wanted to climb the apparatus'. Blake was with her the whole way pushing her up onto the next step when she couldn't reach and sitting behind her, holding her as they went down the slide. I kept telling them "one last slide", but I was loving how he was looking after her that I just let them go again and again and again.

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