Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where's Avery?

Thurs night when I came home from work, Dale hurried me into the house and handed me my camera. When he went into check on Avery, this is what he found. Avery had gotten out of her bed and decided that she would sleep on the floor in the corner of her room behind the rocking chair. Of course, she hadn't forgotten her blankie, her milk or her doggie. Maybe she's missing the confined space of her crib?


Aspergertopia said...

Oh that is just so sweet. It reminds me of Noah when we first switched him to his bed. He brought his blankie into his closet and that's where he slept.

Becky said...

Hi, sorry... I'm a stranger who just wandered over from Jen's blog. I just have to say... That is the sweetest thing ever. That she is curled up on the floor is cute, but that she brought along all her things... That's just precious. I can just picture this little girl gathering her things and going into a corner behind a chair. LOL. She probably had to make two trips. So sweet.