Tuesday, October 23, 2007

pumpkin maze

Once again we had our annual outing to the pumpkin maze at Dutch Growers. It was much better this year with Avery being older and we had a much better time than we did at the corn maze!! This is always a nice quick trip, but the kids have a blast trying to make their way through it. Once we found the end, Blake noticed right away that it wasn't in the same spot as it was last year and first he thought their were 2 "outs", but when we went through again he realized he couldn't get out where he got out last year and I had to explain to him that they make it different every year. I got a great picture of the kids looking through this hole in the bales. Avery's a little blurry, but I wanted to snap it before they moved away. The other 2 pictures are posed of course, but they decided they wanted to sit on the pumpkins for the photo. I then let them pick out their pumpkins for Halloween. Blake decided on 3 pumpkins. A daddy one, a mommy one and a Blake one. Avery picked herself up 2 "baby" pumpkins. It was pretty slim pickings, but we got some pretty decent ones. The pumpkin patch was closed for the season already, so we missed that this year. We actually tried to go the weekend of the 14th, but we got held up by the train and didn't have time to wait, so we turned around and went home, thinking we'd go another day. Low and behold, that was the last time they were open this year!

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Aspergertopia said...

Really nice picutres Tammi! Love the one of the kids peeking through the hay. You've reminded me - we got to get there soon! Do you know if they are open in the evenings?

Talk to you soon!


(PS-Noah's eyes lit up when he found out about the pumpkin costume. Thank you soooo much!)