Friday, November 2, 2007

Avery pee-ed on the potty!

Tonight during the kids bath, Avery said she had to poop. So I took her out of the tub and sat her on the potty. She tooted, but that was it. Then when she was sitting on the couch after her bath, she said she had to pee. So I took her back to the potty. I didn't expect much as she does this alot. She'll sit there for 10 seconds, not do anything, grab some toilet paper and then say she's done. But this time SHE PEE-ED! She actually pee-ed, so we cheered and danced and sang "Avery pee-ed on the potty!" She was so proud of herself. She did it one more time about 10 minutes later and then she had to go to bed. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

1 comment:

Aspergertopia said...

Awesome news Tammi!

It makes such a difference when they are actually proud of themselves.

I'll keep my fingers crossed!