Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Sunday night the 28th was spent carving our pumpkins. A little early this year, but it was the only night both Dale and I were home together. Avery had fun drawing and sticking stickers all over her "baby" pumpkins. Blake always loves to scoop all the pulp out but only with a spoon--he WILL NOT get his hands dirty. Dale carved out a bat pattern in his pumpkin and I carved out whatever faces Blake drew on our pumpkins. I couldn't convince him to put a nose on them, but they turned out looking great!

Halloween evening was beautiful. I can't remember when the weather was so warm! We actually spent the afternoon trick-or-treating at the mall, so I wasn't sure how long the kids would last that night. Avery caught on to the idea really quick and she even wanted to carry her bag herself (I had to carry it the whole time at the mall), but she was finished after about an hour and was content to sit in the stroller until we made our way home to trade spots with Dale. Dale then went out with Blake and Hudson, but they were back again after about 15 minutes and they were done too. I think Blake just wanted to be home to hand out the candy. That was his favorite thing to do. He even wrote down the number of kids that came each time. As you can see, they got ALOT of candy--they could barely lift the bag off the floor! Dale decided to wear a mask this time as a couple of days ago Blake asked me what I was going to wear. Well, even though I love to dress up at Halloween, ever since we've had kids I haven't worn a costume. I asked Blake what he wanted me to be and he said "A pirate". It was a little to late to get something, so Dale just picked up a scary mask at Superstore and Blake never seemed to push the issue, so I didn't wear a costume this year. Next year, I'll make a point of dressing up together as a family. Anyway, before we headed out trick-or-treating, Dale, Blake and I took turns wearing the mask and scaring and chasing each other around the house. Even Avery wanted to do this, although a few times she would cry and say she was scared. The first time Dale put it on and jumped out at Blake, he said Blake was laughing, but also looked like he was going to poop his pants he was so petrified!

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Aspergertopia said...

LOL, holy crap that's a load of candy! Love the picture.

I am so glad we went to the mall! Noah was so excited to see Blake. He told Paul about it as soon as we picked him up.

Blake liked handing out the candy too hey. Same with Noah. When we got home after going to my Mom's house, we went inside to get mitts for the kids. Some kids came to the door. Noah was so excited and immediately said he was done trick-or-treating. He just wanted to hand out the candy.

I agree, love the mall idea and recyling the candy!

Are you going to join the scrap club and if so, which one?