Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blake had his first hockey game on Saturday. The above clip is his first time out on the ice this year. I used my still camera to capture video and I didn't know if it was working so I got a few shots of the ceiling as well, so keep watching through those clips. The bottom video is a few shots I slapped together to try to show Blake as much as possible. He is #5. Just look at how much he's improved after just 9 times on the ice. Again, keep watching the whole video to see Blake as sometimes he gets out of view. The first minute or so is their warm-up before the game. It was so cute, they were skating around just like the big guys do! He did so well. He kept skating wherever the puck was and he even touched it a couple of times. He tried so hard and he really enjoyed himself. I was a little afraid he may get upset at not getting the puck, but he never said anything about that. He just had fun out there. Although, I think he skated the fastest when he went back to the bench for a shift change. He even played goalie once. He didn't save anything, but I don't blame him--the goalie stick was bigger than he was! But if you look closely, everytime the puck came near the goal, behind the net or wherever, he was always turning to keep his eye on it. I can't wait until the end of season to see how much better he's gotten! Sorry there's no sound on the bottom video--I'm new at this whole video thing.

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Aspergertopia said...

Oh-my-gosh! That has to be one of the most prescious things I have seen! I can just imagine how proud you were watching him. What a great thing to see such a change so quickly.

Way to go Blake!

(I will have to show Noah the video tomorrow)