Monday, November 26, 2007

It's so Cold

How is it that yesterday can be so mild and perfect and today it's so cold, I can barely go from my house to my car without cursing the cold! It's -22 today with an even colder windchill! I guess it's finally our good ole Saskatchewan winter. Not only was the weather perfect yesterday, my whole day was perfect! Blake was a model child--he dressed himself, brushed his teeth himself and did everything I asked him to do without having to ask him 10 times! He didn't tease Avery today and actually helped her do everything she needed to do. I had a good workout at the gym and then we had an awesome time sledding for an hour before lunch and a great time watching the Grey Cup at Marlon and Darcie's. YEAH RIDERS! It may be that Blake was excited that Dale was coming home that day. He left last Thursday to go hunting and we didn't expect him home until late Monday, but he shot his buck on Saturday night so he made his way home early Sunday afternoon. He was very excited about his kill. Apparently, he got a pretty decent size buck. I don't know anything about the size and scoring, but it scored a 158 1/2. I do know that I now will have a nice set of antlers mounted on my wall downstairs. I sure hope it goes with the decor!

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