Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My 2 little fish!

Both Blake and Avery finished their swimming lessons this past Saturday. They both advanced on to the next level. I wasn't too concerned with Avery as she's only in parented Sea Turtle, so I'm pretty sure they advance everyone. Next she'll be in unparented Sea Turtle which I'm sure will be interesting, since she's such a mommy's girl right now and I can't see her getting into the pool without me. Oh well, maybe she'll surprise me. At least I won't have to worry about it until after XMAS. I was a little worried that Blake wouldn't advance to the next level. The skills that they have to accomplish are pretty difficult. I didn't get to watch Blake that much during his lessons as I was either in the pool with Avery or I wasn't there at all when I had to work. Dale said he was doing really good, but I still didn't think he could do certain things; ie. front and back swim for 5 meters. So a week before his last lesson I was preparing him in case he didn't advance. I told him "sometimes you have to be a crocodile twice before you get to be a whale." Basically I was pretty sure he wasn't going to advance and I wasn't sure how he'd react if he didn't. When he advanced to crocodile last year, he was so excited he told everyone he saw that he was going to be a crocodile. I didn't know how he'd feel if he didn't get to be a whale this time! But, I had nothing to worry about--he is now a whale and I'm so proud of him. I guess I should have more faith in him next time. I actually even asked the instructor if Blake really did do all the things that he was supposed to. He said they don't concern themselves too much with the technique, just the distance, so if he can swim 5 meters, but has to stop and take breaths in between, then that's okay. As long as they get the distance.

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