Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's been over 2 weeks since I last posted and I wish I could say it's because I've been doing so many important things that I just didn't get time. No, it's just that I've been lazy. Dale and I have actually had alot of evenings off together, so we've been enjoying spending some much needed family time with the kids. Then instead of burying my head in the computer when the kids are in bed, I've just been laying around and going to bed early. We finished decorating the tree and house on Dec 2nd and we've been done our Christmas shopping for a week now. I have half of my baking done, but I do NOT have my Christmas letter sent (I need a family photo first!) I guess these are the things I should've been doing in the last couple of weeks. The kids loved decorating the tree. Poor Blake wasn't feeling all that good that day and actually ended up sleeping for part of that afternoon. He was running a fever and actually threw up early Monday morning. No one else got sick, so I'm not sure what was wrong. He was completely fine Monday afternoon, so I don't even know if it was the flu.
I decided to buy a gingerbread house this year and try to make this a new Christmas tradition. The kids loved it! First they decorated their gingerbread men. They ate 4 of them and we kept 2 for the house. The house ended up looking spectacular as you can see in the above picture slide. It doesn't look like that anymore as everyday Blake eats more icing off of it. He isn't the only guilty one--Dale can't keep his hands off the gumdrops!
Today, we made our gingerbread cookie dough and tomorrow we will cut out our men and stars and trees, etc and decorate them. Blake has been wanting to make gingerbread cookies for 6 months now, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Usually I just make round ginger cookies, but the kids had so much fun making halloween cookies that I thought we would now make gingerbread cookies a tradition as well.

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Aspergertopia said...

Love the picture of the kids with the gingerbread house. Turned out so well!