Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blake wanted to sleep in Avery's bed last night, so I decided to let him. We had had such a great evening together sledding and playing at Hudson's house that I thought "Why not? ". I had actually tried this a couple of months ago when Blake wanted to but they would not settle down, so I had to separate them. This time they ended up sleeping together the whole night. It took about 15 minutes of them chatting and singing "lullaby, lullaby" (a song that Blake will sing at his Kindergarten XMAS concert) before I heard quiet. I thought they were asleep, but Avery started calling "milk, milk". When I went to check on her, Blake was fast asleep in the corner and Avery, of course, was wide awake. I gave her a drink and 5 minutes later she was asleep too. I probably won't let them sleep together again for awhile as Avery woke up too early and thus woke Blake up as well. It wasn't that early, a little before 7 AM, but for the last week, they have both been sleeping in until almost 8 so we've been getting a little spoiled!

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Aspergertopia said...

They both look so sweet.