Sunday, December 30, 2007


Okay, so it's been awhile--AGAIN. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Here's a quick version of ours:

Dec 22nd: Had a wonderful early XMAS turkey dinner at Dana's house with Dale's family. His mom and dad were leaving the next day for Phoenix, so thus the early XMAS. I clearly remember his mom stating: "Hey everybody-nobody got sick this year--YEAH!"

Dec 23rd: Avery got the stomach flu and threw up twice this afternoon. I ended up glued to her for the rest of the day in case I had to rush her to the bathroom again. You just can't get a 2 year old to throw up in a bucket! I slept with her all this night. (oh, did I mention that Dale was at the casino all afternoon while I looked after our sick child!)

Dec 24th: Dale's sick and was up all night on the 23rd, so he slept all morning and again in the afternoon. He finally felt good enough after his and Avery's afternoon naps to open gifts. Kids were feeling good, so that was the important--they had a great time opening their gifts.

Dec 25th: YEAH, Santa came and we had a great time opening stockings, sledding and playing with all the toys all day. N0-0ne was sick! Oh wait....

Dec 25th: 10:00PM--Blake started throwing up and dry-heaved all night long until 3AM. Dale slept with him as it was his turn--Ya think>?!

Dec 26th: Blake slept till 10AM and said he felt better, but he laied around most of the day and didn't eat a thing. I was supposed to work today, but obviously couldn't. I stayed home as there was another pharmacist at my store, but Dale went to work as he was the only pharmacist scheduled.

Dec 27th: Got a sitter as both Dale and I had to work. I'm still wondering why I haven't gotten sick.....Almost finished my shift off, but at 4:30PM started to feel a little queasy and figured I'd better go home. Got the kids pizza and started feeling really bad around 6PM. But wait..Avery walks over to the couch and decides that she's going to throw up instead. Rush her to the bathroom where she continues to get sick all over the floor. I'm feeling so queasy, that I get Dale to come home 1/2 hour before he's supposed to be done. I try to clean up as much as I can without getting sick until Dale arrives and then turn the rest over to him. I start getting sick at 8PM and continue to do so until 1AM. Finally I get to sleep and stay in bed all the next day until Dale went to work at 3PM.

I have decided that the stomach flu is now officially a new Christmas tradition in my family. Maybe if we had Christmas in July....?

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Aspergertopia said...

Oh my goodness Tammi. I can't believe it. I just can't believe it!