Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday was such a great day--almost. We gave Blake an early birthday present. A WII that Dale managed to pick up at Superstore on Saturday. We had already planned to skip the gym and just spend the whole day together at home doing absolutely nothing. We played WII all morning and then took the kids sledding in the afternoon. We enjoyed a late breakfast, lazing around drinking coffee all day. I don't think I got out of my pajamas until 1PM.

Then, I didn't get out of my pajamas all day today either. You see, starting at about 4Pm yesterday, I started to feel a little ill and thought I was just a little over hungry, so I started to make supper. This feeling was not going away, so I tried to lay down to see if it would pass. Nope, so I told Dale to stop supper and just feed the kids, 'cause i was pretty sure i was getting sick. Sure enough, I ended up throwing up and was sick all night. To top it off, BOTH Blake and Avery started throwing up in the middle of the night as well. Dale ended up spending the night hopping between their rooms and getting little, if any sleep. I tried to do what I could to help, but that wasn't much. Needless to say, I stayed home from work today and am finally feeling better now. Blake, on the other hand, skipped out of his room in the morning with his bucket in his hand claiming "I'm all better now" He played the WII all day while Avery and I layed on the couch. I can't believe how resilient that kid is. Avery, like myself, takes much longer to recover. She didn't eat alot all day and had 2 naps. She was definately feeling much better by this evening. At least this time we all got sick at once and got it all over with at the same time. Now I guess we'll just wait and see if Dale gets it

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Aspergertopia said...

Wow, your on a roll! So sorry to hear about you all getting sick!