Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

We celebrated our Valentines Day last Wednesday since I had to work on Thurs. night. Blake especially was excited about the holiday this year. He kept telling everyone he was going to have a Valentines Day party and he kept saying to me "one more sleep and then it's my Valentine's party". I kept saying "Blake why do you think you're going to have a party--there's not a party. Where is this party?" To which he replied "at our house". I know he told a bunch of kids in his class to because his teacher mentioned that he was telling everyone at school about 'this party'. Well, I think he thought that because he was signing Valentine's cards, that they were actually Valentine's invitations. Each day came and went and he never had his party and he never blinked an eye over it, so he must have forgotten.
Instead I decided to have a nice candlelit dinner together as a family. The kids made cards for Dale (I let them emboss them and Blake was thrilled!) and we decorated the tablecloth with cut-out hearts and flowers. We didn't have a spectacular meal since it was only 2 days after Dale's teeth incident, but it was a nice time together. I don't know if my husband was expecting a very romantic evening together, but I spent the night sleeping with Avery as she couldn't settle down and kept waking up crying. I finally gave her some Advil at 11:30Pm and she seemed to settle down after that. I took her to the clinic the next day and sure enough she had an ear infection.
That night I went to work and around 6 PM, I heard some tiny voices running towards the pharmacy and a little knock on my door. It was my darling little children-one holding a bouquet of roses and the other holding a card. In they came yelling "Happy Valentines Day, Mommy!". It was so sweet. Even the customers said "Are those your children-they're adorable". That made my night. And Dale got me chocolates and a spa gift certificate. It was a very good Valentines Day for all of us!

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