Monday, March 24, 2008

A new Bike?

Tomorrow is Blake's birthday, but since Dale has to work over supper, we decided to take Blake out for supper tonight. Of course, Blake picked Fuddruckers. After, we played at Ruckers and they have some great new games there. Earlier today I let Blake open up Grandma's card, so that we could take the money and buy him a new bike. He was very excited about the money, but wasn't so excited about having to buy a bike with it. We told him that now that he's 6 years old, he needs to get a bike without training wheels. I thought that if we let him pick out a brand new one (he's had the same caillou bike for 5 years now) he would be more receptive to having no training wheels. He said "I want my caillou bike" and "I'll hurt myself". Well, I did get him to pick a new one out, but of course all the display bikes have training wheels on them, so it'll be interesting to see what he thinks of it once Dale puts it together without them on it. I tried to explain to him that he would just have to practice and it's really not that hard once you learn. I also had to tell him that the caillou bike is a baby bike and if he rides it when he's six years old, his friends might make fun of him (I said it in a really nice way-so please don't judge me!)
My goodness, you'd think that a boy would be excited to pick out a new bike!

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jkddz said...

Damon was the same way Tammi....we had to pry those wheels off!!! and I think it was the summer that he was to turn seven (in September) that they came not a BIG deal but we used the " you'll look like a little kid and get teased too" but Damon being his cautious self- biked along side his firends even when his training wheels were on and his friends were flying by without theirs!!! give him time and it will happen....Danica had no choice when we went to the lake b/c training wheels do not work on sand roads...the whole camp cheered her on when she peddled on by crashing every bump!!!(she was 5) I can see Avery being the same!!!
see you at Blake's Bday party