Sunday, March 2, 2008


Jason had Kari's surprise 30th birthday party last night and what a blast it was! It was a 1920's murder mystery party. Neither Dale, nor I have ever done anything like this, so we were a little apprehensive about it, but we fell right into our roles and after a few drinks, it became very easy for us.

Here's the entire cast of night:

I was Vicky Ravioli (and then Donna Wannabe-after Jason Killed me!) and Dale was Capo "Toto" Tequila--a self-proclaimed boss of bosses from New York. At the end of the night I got the vote for best costume and Dale got the vote for best sleuth. Even though no-one solved the main murder of the evening, Dale was able to solve the 2 side murders. Once again, thanks to my mom for sewing all of our costumes when we were little. The dress I'm wearing is one that we wore years ago for our skating festivals. NO-I didn't still fit into mine, but I was able to fit into one of my sisters.

Jen, was my "daughter", Rebecca Ravioli. She was my inspiration for the night. She gets right into character, so it's easy to follow her lead. I think even Paul had a great time--more than he thought he was going to. He did awesome as Rebecca's 'love'--Rhett Bumbler. See Karen, you should have come. If Paul can do it--you can do it too! Right Jen.

We'll have to get together and do the sequel sometime soon. This was one of the best times I ever had. Everyone really needs to experience one of these parties. Thanks Jason for hosting this!

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Aspergertopia said...

Awesome summary Tammi! Love the pics. I tried sending all of mine to you and Kari, but it didn't work. I burned them onto a couple of discs and will drop them in your mailboxes (probably Wed. evening when Paul goes to badmonton)I'm with you, totally can't wait for antoher one! Thanks again for the ride and the awesome night!