Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fri. Morning Fun

Fri. morning, Kari and I and the kids headed to Kinsmen Park, however it was closed due to construction. We decided to check out the Gabriel Dumont park that Jen had been to. I Loved it. It was so beautiful and so nicely maintained. Blake was a little upset that we weren't going bowling, but once he was there he had a blast running around the fort with Damon.

But it wasn't all fun and games. Blake got a bad blister on his foot and wanted to go home. I tried to patch it up with a piece of Avery's diaper, but that didn't work. Then Danica said "How about some toilet paper." Good idea! Damon and Danica ran and got some and Damon did an excellent job at wrapping Blake's foot up. It was in a true first aid fashion.

Once he was all wrapped up, he was ready to go again. They spent the next little while throwing rocks down the slide into Blake's hat. I think this was Blake's favorite thing about this park. Just look at that face!

Then I wanted Kari to get a picture of Avery and I together while she was sitting on the wooden buffalo. She however wanted to get off, so Kari snapped this picture of her yellling "I want to get off!"

After that she was fine though and Kari got a few shots of me and the kids. What a lovely smile you have Avery!

And I was able to get one of Kari and her kids after coaxing Damon to join them.

Oh and did you notice the clothes we're wearing. Yes, shorts and tank tops. Finally we have spring weather! It must have been 26 degrees today. The whole long weekend is supposed to be beautiful! I have to work, but at least the kids will get to enjoy it!

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