Sunday, May 25, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs

We went to this on Friday night with Kari and Jason and the kids. What a phenomenal show. We were sitting in the upper section, but the dinosaurs were so big, there couldn't be a bad seat in the house. The kids loved it. I was especially impressed with Avery. I was a little apprehensive at taking her as I thought she would be very scared. She wasn't and when the big brachiosaurasus came out she even said "I want to ride them." She only jumped into my lap close to the end of the show just before the T-Rex came out. I think she was a little scared at that time because they were growling alot and were very loud. I honestly think that Blake was more scared than Avery was. All in all it was an excellent evening and quite cheap for me--all the kids wanted to buy were flags that only cost $5 each!

Alot of the dinosaurs were growling at each other and posed to fight, however, at one time there were two herbivores out there, so they were not enemies. I turned to Avery and said "they're not fighting Avery, they're friends." She replied back (screaming): "They're not friends, they're dinosaurs!"

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