Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy mothers day everyone! I hope everyone had a good day.
I got to sleep in (if you can call 7:30 AM sleeping in) while Dale got up earlier with the kids. Before I could even get out of the bathroom, the kids were hauling in their gifts to me. Blake was very excited to show me the cookbook he made for me in his Kindergarten class and Avery couldn't wait to show me the pop-up Mickey Mouse card. Avery even sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I also got a brand new running jacket for my boot camp and "The Magic Bullet" mixer.

Dale had to work today, so I took the kids to the golf dome in the morning and picked up a few groceries. Then we just bummed around the house all day. I must admit that the rest of the day was exhausting. The kids were constantly at me and poor Avery is so constipated that she spent most of the day whining and complaining. I finally ordered the "Care Bears Movie" off of Shaw this afternoon in order to try and rest a bit. However, it wasn't much of a rest once I finally got the kids everything they needed and finally determined how we could all lay down on the couch together without them fighting over who was going to lay next to me. I thought maybe we needed some fresh air, so we headed to the park for a little bit. I was playing "grounders" with Blake and I was running up the rungs of the ladder when I bonked (and I mean bonked!) my head on an overhead bar. It hurt so much that I sat down and cried and I now have a huge goose egg.
Needless to say, we returned home and played WII until I went to pick up chinese food for supper. I couldn't wait until supper was over, so Dale could look after the kids and I could have some time to myself. I ran myself a nice hot bath and started to read my book, while Dale gave the kids a bath upstairs. However, I used up all the hot water (along with the dishwasher), so the kids didn't have any left. So, they climbed into the tub with me and that was the end of my time. I thought I could post this blog while they were having their snack upstairs, but nope. Avery kept crying for me, so I trudged upstairs and stayed with them until they were in bed.
I love my kids, but I think next year, my husband is going to have to be home, so that I can have a little peace and quiet and a few moments to myself to reflect on the wonderful reasons why I became a mom!

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